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vfp nolock when updating sql-69

SET specifies the criteria that records must meet to be updated with new values.

You can include as many filter conditions as you like, connecting them with the AND or OR operator.

And all 20 rows with their 4 colums are completely free of any strings.

So optimizing the WHERE statement with a "LIKE" will not really help My Ole DBCommand = My Ole DBConnection. Command Text = "SELECT RECNO() FROM table_name WHERE foo=''"; int row_id = -1; /** Search for some matching rows **/ using(var reader = My Ole DBCommand.

Just in case this was some anomaly based on the fact I was attempting to update the field I was filtering on, I tried this: Which reported as having updated 1 record but changed nothing. Is there some sort of post-command process I need to invoke, like there is when you mark records for deletion and then have the actual delete step? Has the same effect - it says it's replaced 4 million records, but the data doesn't seem to change.

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