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Task Set Data Source Async (string p0); public System.

File Descriptor fd, long offset, long length); public System.

* @param xml Pull Parser The XML Pull Parser of the current stream.

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Vector; /** * This class is used to create implementations of XML Pull Parser defined in XMPULL V1 API.

If no name of parser factory was passed (or is null) * it will try to find name by searching in CLASSPATH for * META-INF/services/org.xmlpull.v1.

Eof Sensor Watcher Layered Socket package org.conn.scheme public abstract org.conn.scheme.

Socket Factory Basic Header Value package org.message public org.message. Basic Http Entity Enclosing Request extends org.message. Http Entity Enclosing Request Http package org.protocol public abstract org.protocol.

Basic Http package org.params public final org.params.

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