updating virus protection files 99 - Discouraged from dating

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If the jobs you really want are currently out of reach, remember that even a " substandard" job may be good in helping you adjust to a regular work schedule, build self-esteem, gain skills and experience and establish contacts for the future.

While you put your energies into a job search, you should probably stop dating for a few months.

And then I’m reminded that God wants to develop my character. And again (if we’re really being honest here), I don’t want to develop those things.

Sometimes I feel like I take two steps forward and three leaps backwards in life.

Some peeps are balking at the proposal: one student quoted by the post groused, “we’re in a post-secondary facility, we don’t need to be babysat or monitored.” A male professor complained, “They’re trying to ban love!

It’s not realistic, because grown women fall in love and have affairs with older men and nobody can legislate this.” “Banning love” is a bit of a melodramatic overstatement.

Licensed counselor Christine Keyser shared a few of her favorite do's and don'ts when it comes to dating. Discouragement sometimes comes from: lack of clarity, negative internal sources (what we tell ourselves) and negative external sources (what others tell us), and not knowing the simple dos and don`ts of dating. Discouragement stems from a lack of clarity (unclear goals and purposes): • Is your goal to find a temporary playmate or committed relationship? • Do look your best and improve appearance, if necessary. • Do ask your therapist to help you build communication skills and healthy self-esteem.

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