Dating couple devotional books

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If I can do some good today; If I can serve along life's way, If I can something helpful say, Lord, show me how.If I can right a human wrong, If I can help to make one strong, If I can cheer with smile or song, Lord, show me how!

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Any strength or intelligence or skill or beauty they have comes from him. His continual demonstration of the most intelligent and interesting actions is volcanic.

And this is because he made all others, and any importance they have is owing to him.

A heartfelt daily devotional said in the morning upon arising, or while sitting in traffic, or in line at the bank or grocery store, keeps us all mindful of God's rightful place in our daily lives. May the peace of God and the freshness of the Holy Spirit Rest in your thoughts, rule in your dreams, tonight, and Conquer all your fears.

May God manifest Himself today in ways you have never experienced!

It is therefore astonishing how little effort is put into knowing God.

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