Dendrochronological dating checkpoint accommodating ell students

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The Staedtler Mars eraser-based system, which has been dubbed the triboelectric sampling technique, is entirely non-invasive.

This has been successfully employed in dating the medieval chests at Magdalen College, Oxford, and doors from the Tower of London, Salisbury Cathedral, and the north door St. The Laboratory follows a rigorous publication policy, and have published all buildings dated each year, first through the Ancient Monuments Laboratory, and later independently.

Other areas of research currently underway includes the analysis of cedar, aspen, and junipers from the Sierra-Nevada mountains of California, USA and which has culminated in the production of a 3500-year replicated chronology for Western Juniper.

There have also been incursions into France and a respectable group of buildings dated in America.

The Lab is currently undertaking a number of county-wide research projects in Shropshire, Hampshire, and Somerset, as well as Wales and Jersey.

For further information, please find below a leaflet and two example reports for down load.

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