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"Our parents insisted that we make sure that we looked at other people, to make sure this relationship would be a strong one.

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Your favorite tacocan talk about where you’ve been, where you’re going, what your goals and aspirations are andeven what romantic category we fit into.

Your favorite taco can even tell you SEE DETAILS Enter Qualify, the mobile dating application designed to bring college students together through shared interests, allowing users to spark relationships that last longer than a swipe.

College Dating is full of games, but if there is one thing that is not a game it is the following saying:“the fastest way to a someone’s heart is through their stomach.” And what better way to fillyour stomach and find love than with some tacos?

Tacos are not only delicious, but they can also reveal a lot about a person.

Joey Adams, 21, decided to make a “dating resume” after he was denied by an “absolutely gorgeous girl” who asked him if he had one she could view.

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