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The balance sheet lists assets at the historical cost, so the value of assets may be higher or lower than market prices.

In an economic environment with rising prices, the book value of assets is lower than the market value.

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More and more money is being deployed into a narrower and narrower area.

In each case, this trend did not ended well.""It appears more fruitful to look at companies in the context of their total enterprise values, as opposed to their market capitalizations. To understand whether a company's shares are mispriced from the perspective of a whole owner, it is crucial to understand first what it would take to own the company outright.""With the S&P/TSX composite index close to its record high, it is difficult to argue that the overall stock market is beset with pessimism, but in my portfolio, one sector is deep under water and out of favour: oil-service stocks.

Market value is generally the highest value of assets, though it could be lower than book value if the value of the assets has gone down in value due to market demand rather than business use.

The book value is the value of the asset as listed on the balance sheet.

Intangible assets are not included in a company's liquidation value.

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