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All these small details matter, that's why I asked for a small workbook sample.

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I have 77 excel workbooks that are created each week, they are all in the same directory. JMAN What I have to do is open every one of the files in this directory, Select one of 3 tabs, copy that data into a new workbook.

I have to open each one and copy the data into a single workbook. example: DIST_91124_GROWTH_PRODUCT XXX _07072006The 07072006 is the week ending date and will change. Is there a way to automate this process, it takes me about 4 hours to do it manually. Are there any other files in that directory that aren't part of equation? All the files have to be copied into the same workbook each below the previous copy.

Data at the right tests more than just what can happen with Excel 95 pasting. Calculation = xl Manual '--Excel 95 Dim Rcnt As Long, Ccnt As Long, r As Long, c As Long Dim Curr Cell As Range On Error Resume Next Selection. Cells deleted will only be deleted from within range; but cells moved up includes cells from below range. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Application. Screen Updating = True End Sub Remove content of cells with constants that look empty, but are not, David Mc Ritchie, 2003-07-23, worksheet.functions -- not deleting the cells which would cause cells to move up, but only remove the constants so that they are in fact EMPTY.

Sub DEL95HTMLempty Cells() 'David Mc Ritchie, 2002-08-24, Worksheet Functions ' Move cells up into empty cell below if Column A cell ' on line to be moved up is empty. Replace What:=Chr(160), Replacement:=Chr(32), _ Look At:=xl Part, Search Order:=xl By Columns, Match Case:=True Rcnt = Cells. Sub Del Cells Up() 'David Mc Ritchie 1998-07-17 revised 2002-01-17 ' Empty Cells and cells with only spaces in range ' and move cells up from below even if not in range 'Will process single range of one or more columns 'Will not remove cells with formulas Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual 'pre XL97 xl Manual Dim rng As Range, ix As Long Set rng = Intersect(Selection, Active Sheet.

The DEL95HTMLempty Cells is designed to clean up the mess that Excel 95 creates when pasting from a web page into Excel.

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