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When you get bored, just go to download more cool personalities, apps, and other cool stuff.

Chatman is the first artificially intelligent friend, designed to make chat sessions, web surfing or gaming more creative and fun.

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You can customize your Chatman by choosing a personality and name for him, then view a brief tutorial where you’ll learn how to use Chatman and what you can do with him.

And the whole Skype forum seems broken or dead or they don't have technical guys to handle those sectors.

I have created bots, a custom emoticon generation service, etc. It’s a horrible service drowning in bureaucracy and ignorance of employees, that ignores real problems and adds 3D Emoticons™ as a major feature.

Today Skype is not only insecure but hazardous to its users since security procedures are not only inefficient, they are working against them.

I didn't know them and pressed yes on one by accident.

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