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A group of thirteen parents agreed to participate on behalf of their children (twenty children). As a result these attorneys petitioned the federal court to reopen the original Brown case to determine if Topeka Public Schools had in fact ever complied with the court=s ruling of 1954. These young attorneys were Richard Jones, Joseph Johnson and Charles Scott, Jr.

Each plaintiff was to watch the paper for enrollment dates and take their child to the school for white children that was nearest to their home. (son of one of the attorneys in the original case) in association with Chris Hansen from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) in New York. Supreme Court denied Topeka Public School's petition to once again hear the Brown case.

What was not in question was the dedication and qualifications of the African American teachers and principals assigned to these schools.

In many instances the schools for African American children were substandard facilities with out-of-date textbooks and often no basic school supplies.

Menninger developed innovative approaches for treating mentally ill patients, was one of the leaders in training psychiatrists and helping veterans' hospitals and law enforcement agencies incorporate information about mental illness into staff training.

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