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This is the horrifying moment a horse is killed after a traveller's cart smashed into a Stop sign in a high speed crash.CCTV caught the moment the animal collided with the metal pole holding the sign up and collapsed to the ground.

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I hurried home to get my camera, but by the time I was home things had blown east a bit, and I was not able to get a very good shot.

I’m hoping that people in the “chemtrail” community will also have seen it and will post some better photos, and I can update this post.

Last night residents were said to be ‘speechless’ and condemned the move as ‘a waste of taxpayers’ money’.

Joan Riley, 60, of Bolton, said: ‘It is galling that we pay our hard-earned money in the form of Council Tax and then they just throw it away on useless and wasteful schemes like removing a couple of milimetres off speed humps.‘This is just bureaucracy and form-filling gone mad.

Says Brennan, “We didn’t want to just send her off so she disappeared for a number of episodes, so we thought very carefully about how we could do it.” The solution, “from a production point of view, was very challenging,” Brennan says, basically requiring the writers to write eight or so episodes ahead.

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