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Now if you look into the scripts, you will see that the UI controls have been accessed via the UI map and then the various events have been performed or executed or triggered upon them just like if you have clicked the button while doing manual testing, recorded that and generate the script for the automation test then you will see in the script that the Coded UI button has been accessed and the Click event of that button was triggered in the script.

CUITe is one of the Coded UI Test Frameworks developed on the top Microsoft Visual Studio Test Engine; it helps in reducing the complexity and coding effort and helps in increasing maintainability.

In this tutorial, we learn all about this new module format, and explore how to write an application using it. With the rise of technologies like Node.js, server side Java Script is a very viable option.

Dojo now supports modules written in the Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) format, which makes code easier to author and debug.

Magic Draw provides independence from any specific software development process, conforming nicely to your company process; allowing centralization of business and process modeling, requirements capture and design.

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