Aedating v3 is linda bollea still dating charlie hill

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Washington: Carnegie Institute of Washington, 1919:.- 127 p.

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We will assume that the sales rep is modeled as a line-item partner function, and we will therefore enhance the Data Source 2LIS_11_VDITM (Sales Document Item Data). His main focus now is on business requirements gathering and data modelling for the SAP BI platform. No wonder that, when you need to add a custom field to one of such Data Sources, you have to pay especially carefull attention in order to avoid losing data from the Data Source's extraction or delta queues. [...] When users modify the sales rep in an order line item, they can enter the original value again.

On top of that, if your custom field is delta relevant as well, you may well end up with a broken delta process, where document changes are not always sent to the delta queue. When this happens, the before-image and the after-image values for the field YYKAM have to be the same. "Z1 is the sales rep's partner function IF sy-subrc ne 0.

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