Who is elena from vampire diaries dating in real life dating tips for 20 somethings

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She is also the descendant and doppelgänger of Amara, Tatia, Katherine Pierce.

In season one, still reeling from her parents deaths which were caused by a car accident earlier that summer, she reluctantly returns to school for her junior year.

If Stefan breaks Caroline’s heart, Klaus [Joseph Morgan] could be waiting in the wings to reclaim his lost love.

Klaus left Caroline behind in Mystic Falls telling Caroline he would be her last love.

I can say that Lexi, in my heart, found peace, and I believe the same is true for Grams.

I definitely know that Silas and Markos and everybody else is definitely gone for good.

While walking out of the boys bathroom, she bumps into a mysterious new student named Stefan Salvatore. She meets his older and darkly mysterious brother, Damon Salvatore.

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