Error validating dating funnyman jason

by  |  27-Jan-2020 17:30

Copy the displayed access token from the next window that displays and then paste in the Access Token Box.

Click the Test Access Token to ensure the copied token is valid, then click the Set Access Token Button. Now is time for you to resume the paused schedule or schedule a new post using your authenticated app.

Hello all, I upload a alteryx app on our company Alteryx gallery, and call this app from an external website via REST API. There is an unknown error when I saving the app to our company gallery as the following image: Once I try to save any app to our company alteryx gallery, even some official sample apps, it can save but always gets an error when saving the workflow :" There was an unknown error validating your workflow. I cannot find any issue and any clues from this, dose anyone have experience and knowledge on this issue?

But the same app can save and run on Alteryx public gallery.

On my PC, the game is installed in "D:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\WATCH_DOGS2".

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