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Despite being the bookies' favourite to win, Amanda and Sam came second and left the house on Day 94 with an overall winning voting percentage of 39.7%.Amanda and Sam were the first housemates - since Stuart from Big Brother 5 - to make it to the final and to never have received a single nomination from their fellow housemates.

But their relationship - she really does like him, but she's quite a saucy character, isn't she? I did think he might be thinking too much of what his parents would think.

airing on Channel 4, with a number of closely associated programmes also airing on E4.

All of the housemates that entered on the first day were female - a worldwide first for any Big Brother series; then on the third day, a male housemate - Ziggy - entered the house.

A new housemate called "Pauline" entered the house on 8 July, supposedly from Big Brother Australia, however, her true identity was actress Thaila Zucchi, and worked as a mole for Big Brother, before being removed on Day 42 after she completed her task.

On Day 59, five new people entered the Half-Way House, becoming Half-Way Housemates.

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