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But, from the beginning, there was a lie behind the image of this adorable child star: Motown records told the public Jackson was only nine to make him appear cuter.A record label might have tried the same stunt with a white child, although there lurks the uncomfortable suspicion that the American public (which had just lived through five years of race riots) were more likely to be won over by a pre-pubertal black boy.That equates to 0,000 per year which is pretty impressive considering the tape is now over a decade old.

Diana Ross, The Temptations, and The Miracles (all of whom remain on the label) have for the record-buying public an interest that is at least partly reminiscent; only Stevie Wonder and The Jackson Five, the last classic Motown act to develop, have continued with undiminished vitality, and last week, in an atmosphere that was—well, businesslike, the Jackson family announced that they had signed a contract with Epic Records (a subsidiary of CBS) and would leave Motown.

The Jackson family announced their decision to leave Motown at a press conference in the Rainbow Grill.

In January 1959, Gordy founded a new R&B label called Tamla Records, which produced Marv Johnson's first hit, "Come To Me." At Robinson's encouragement, Gordy created Motown on December 14, 1959.

It's been said that Michael Jackson was a God who became a mere celebrity.

Ray returned to television in 2009 with For the Love of Ray J, a reality dating show on VH1, which has aired two seasons and spawned a spin-off show, Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, which will air in April, 2010.

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