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A few days ago, as an American friend of mine was telling me all about her new boyfriend and how he had asked her out with flowers, I realized how different courtship and dating is for teens in France and the US. Americans go on formal dates; we keep things secret. The word “date” has no equivalent in French, and it’s simply because we don’t go on them.

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Canadians continue to wrestle with the question, "What does it mean to be Canadian?

" and take pains to differentiate themselves from citizens of the United States.

All emphasise that la bise bears no relation to le baiser as immortalised by Rodin, or indeed to "French kissing".

In la bise, the kisses (for there should be at least two) are aimed at alternate cheeks.

And when we do ask our love interest if he wants to have a relationship, it’s because we already kissed or at least gotten really close. There’s no such thing as DTR (Defining The Relationship) because exclusivity is implied.

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