Married dating in westmont new jersey

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Olivo’s] role as the lawfully wedded spouse” but rather “that it was foreseeable that she would be handling and laundering the soiled, asbestos-exposed clothes, which [the defendant] failed to protect at work and allowed to be taken home by workers.” at *23–24 ), but rather is ascertained by the “foreseeability” of the exposure, which includes a consideration of the “relationship between the parties” — between both the defendant’s employee and the injured person, as well as, between the defendant itself and the injured person; the opportunity for, and the nature of, the toxic exposure; and the defendant’s knowledge of the dangerousness of exposure at the time. Take-home toxic tort liability is not necessarily limited to bright-line rules such as residence, marital status, or familial relationships, but rather by the exposure is foreseeable as presented by the factual circumstances in each case.

, the Court recognized that this duty “was not defined on the basis of [Mrs.

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