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Yeah and as far as production goes, I mean I know that in season two we had a lot of fixed episodes and in season three we didn’t which was really nice because seven is a good - you know seven is pretty much where you need to make a good show. And people are excited to work on the show too, I mean like a lot of crew members will show up and be like people want to be on this show.

You know people see my Lost Girl t-shirt or my Lost Girl this or that.

Rachel Star made a big impact to all porn lovers in with her successful short spell in the adult industry.

She is well known for her role as dominant female roles.

The 32-year-old actress posted a video on her Instagram account of her and her co-star Jadyn Wong hanging from a rope while filming scenes for an upcoming episode of their show. " Kat is singing and flying and doing something inappropriate or as some call it "showing affection'.

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