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In the past Weatherbug had a pretty poor reputation.

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I've tried other weather programs and the Weather Meter is the best due to its detailed layout in a small package. His work is absolutely superb, Not only does he design extremely useful gadgets, he continues to update them.

I'm so satisfied I will be donating $10 so they may continue to do good work. Moreover, he is very responsive to users' suggestions. I used to use Weather Pulse, and this has all but replaced it.

For more 14 day weather forecast you have to click on the location on the gadget to display the weather forecast on Weather website.

Current weather conditions and weather forecasts are provided by Weather Temperature.

Description: This offers local forecasts, weather news and the best radar maps. This gadget is the best and most enjoyable way of predicting the weather of the day.

Sidebar weather gadget not updating

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