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After Asela Gunaratne slog-swept Jasprit Bumrah into the Peter May Stand in the 46th over to take the equation to below a run a ball, India’s supporters, dazed and confused, rapidly filtered out, leaving Sri Lankan fans to revel in a gloriously unexpected triumph.“No one really expected us to win,” skipper Angelo Matthews said.

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The fire broke out as the country marked its traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year, and most people were in their houses celebrating.

Sri Lanka's government deployed hundreds of troops and police to dig through mounds of rubbish for survivors. Estimates ranged from 40 to 100 homes swamped by the fallen rubbish.

The government has consistently refused calls for independent investigations into its generation-long civil war, marked by widespread reports of rape camps, torture, mass killings and other alleged war crimes by its troops. This is a pattern repeated around the world: Strapped for troops, the U. draws recruits from many countries with poor human rights records for its peacekeeping program, budgeted at nearly $8 billion this year. As peacekeepers in Central African Republic, at least 17 have been accused of sexual abuse and exploitation. Secretary-General Kofi Annan understands the predicament. When fighting gripped Rwanda, he struggled to find peacekeepers to help stem what would later become a mass slaughter that killed an estimated 800,000 people. “And they are so desperate that they accept troops that they will normally not accept if they had the choice.”— RAPE CAMPS In the case of the Haiti sex ring, nine children told U. investigators of being lured into having sex in exchange for food and then being passed from soldier to soldier.

An AP investigation last month found that in the last 12 years up to March, an estimated 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse or exploitation have been leveled at U. The situation in Congo, meanwhile, is so complex the country is hosting a U. peacekeeping mission to manage its own violent conflict while also sending personnel on peacekeeping missions to other countries. One girl said she didn’t even have breasts when she first had sex with a peacekeeper at age 12.

The alleged abuses committed by its troops abroad stem from a culture of impunity that arose during Sri Lanka’s civil war and has seeped into its peacekeeping missions. officials update their records and reconcile data from old files.

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