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by  |  02-Oct-2019 11:30

As a photographer whose work has been published in Dodho on three occasions, I’m continually delighted by the boldness of the presentation of my pictures, which shows them in their best possible light. Firstly congratulations on your beautiful magazine- it’s not often I find myself spending hours looking at one website but I spent the whole morning on your site- beautifully designed and beautiful photos.Secondly I’m really honoured you would consider my work!!Wat antennes betreft heb ik de afgelopen tijd ook naar hartelust geknutseld.

Dit zal niet altijd lukken omdat we nogal eens zullen verkassen.

Wat tijden betreft probeer ik in de ochtend rond en in de avond rond QRV te zijn.

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In fact an ordinary ‘all risk’ policy will not cover the normal risks that photographers encounter and could leave them exposed and out of pocket.

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