Ip35 e bios updating 8200

by  |  24-Aug-2019 01:08

Dieses Board ist dem IP35-Pro sehr hnlich, nur dass es in der Ausstattung etwas abgespeckt ist.

I'm upgrading in anticipating of a q6600 which is quite fast on the fsb so I understand you need a bios upgrade?

Anyway; step 1: Identified motherboard & Revision - with instructions on setting the CD as the first boot device. I know you can flash from a usb stick, though I don't know how.

I tried all the recommendation from Dell support, from changing jumper settings to unplugging components, but to no avail.

Iron Fist, I currently have Xeon 3350 (same as Q9450) and with the newest unofficial bios it works perfectly.

Every time I try to use any 64-bit guest, it tells me: "This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU." I have ran VMware's Processor Check for 64-Bit Compatibility, and it reports that I am capable of running 64-bit guests. It's not relevant what VMWare's Processor Check tells you. But essentially it won't again until I restart/shutdown.

Ip35 e bios updating 8200

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