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The mother-of-four who thought she won million in a New York casino — but ended up being offered nothing more than a steak dinner and .25 — is now suing the casino for the whole jackpot.

In August, Katrina Bookman, of Queens, New York, thought she had won million while playing a slot machine.

And it doesn't’t stop there, now Chinese men are coming to Thailand in record numbers particularly those who have been successful in China’s growing economy.

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“The tragedy of this case is two-fold as the American victims of internet fraud on defendants’ sites, (estimated to be at least thousands), mostly widows, widowers, and divorcees age 50 and over, have been defrauded out of as much as hundreds of millions of dollars over the past six-plus years through fraudulent dating profiles on the defendants’ sites, and those of its competitors,” the suit says.

“In addition to the financial and emotional toll, these scams destroy relationships, families, and result in suicides, abductions and murder of victims in foreign countries.” The fake profiles – include “Hollywood celebrities” and photographs “pirated from Facebook and modeling agencies, as well as photographs of military serviceman and women.” None of the “celebrities” are identified in the suit – except by user names for accounts that are no longer active.

It is not uncommon for Thai wives of middle aged western men to handle all the housework but this picture is changing among younger westerners who choose to marry a Thai women.

‘I wanted to marry my Thai wife because she is so beautiful,’ says Helmut from Germany, a 28 year old building contractor who is now building a dream home for his new Thai bride. So why are younger and very eligible Western men marrying Thai wives?

After months of trying to get them to pay out a more substantial amount, Bookman finally sued the Resorts World Casino on Wednesday, according to CNN Money.

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