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The i Xpand product line requires the use of an i Xpand app in order to work with an i OS device.

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BLUE means that the plug type from a certain USB version is compatible with the receptacle type from a certain USB version, RED means that they are not compatible, and GRAY means that the plug or receptacle does not exist in that USB version.

However, if the drivers are missing, outdated, or corrupted, the computer won’t recognize your USB device, or it won’t work properly.

Good problem reports give lengthy but precise information as to what you did, what you expected, and what actually happened.

This is firmware update for our Docking Stations to support hard drives that are over 4TB Please extract the contents of the compressed file and follow the instructions in the included PDF.

So they made their work manageable by focusing on only a few USB 3.0 devices and types. The way they put it is the Caldigit USB 3.0 card is ‘designed to work with “Caldigit Certified” products only’.

Updating usb 1 to usb 2

This smart downloader also provides settings such as Shutdown, Sleep or Exit programs allowing you to leave your computer on to download videos.…
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