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"I'm so secluded, and I'm so private," the hip-hop icon says. Luckily a friend pulls it out of the trash and demands that Ice Cube hold on to it. But that didn't mean Iovine's transition from the guy behind the boards to the guy in the corner office was a smooth one.

In one tender moment, Iovine tells Dre, "I didn't meet a subwoofer until I met you."The two men's stories run together in 1992, when Interscope Records sets up a deal with Death Row. Fad album helped fund a lot of the albums that came next," Dre says. When he later brings it into the Straight Outta Compton sessions, N. Although Interscope has a few hits early on – notably Gerardo's "Rico Suave" – it is not an immediate triumph.

Their relationship continues after the rapper/producer bowed out of the toxic atmosphere Suge Knight cultivated at Death Row, and Interscope picks up Dre's new label, Aftermath. The single provides Ruthless with some cash to subsidize future projects and earns the group a Grammy nomination. "It was the first gold record on Ruthless Records.""The interesting thing about J. Fad is that Eazy-E wanted something commercial to make radio stations say, oh, Ruthless Records, we're going to be anticipating the next record that drops, and then the next thing you know, they slipped in that 'Boyz In Da Hood,'" adds Dee Barnes. "We had very few releases in 1991," says David Cohen, Interscope's Head of Business Affairs.

These ventures eventually develop into Beats By Dre, Beats Music and then Apple Music, currently the second most popular music streaming service worldwide. Eazy-E founds Ruthless Records in 1986, and the label's first hit was "Supersonic," a single by rap duo J. "And Jimmy was a renowned producer, very creative, but he wasn't renowned as a businessman.""I didn't feel comfortable as an executive," Iovine explains.

Those born on this date are under the sign of Taurus. Senate Watergate Committee opened hearings into a break-in at Democratic National headquarters in Washington.

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