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It was probably inevitable that the recent spate of terrorist incidents in Britain would have an impact on tourism, both domestic and overseas, and so it has proved.

Merlin, which operates venues including the London Eye and Legoland, has just issued a trading update in which it reports that there was a reduction in the domestic day trip market to attractions such as the Eye in the immediate aftermath of the Westminster attack on March 22.

London, for example, is home to more than 9m people.

One consequence of its large, and growing, population is that its roads are crowded and congested. On June 30 2016, for example, Transport for London revealed that number of people killed or injured on them in 2015 had fallen a bit, which is to be welcomed. In other words, if you take a trip to a London attraction you’re far more likely to get hurt on the roads on your way there than you are to get caught up in a terrorist incident.

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