Lisdoonvarna speed dating

by  |  28-Apr-2020 04:58

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The days of meeting a potential suitor at the local dance under the watchful eye of the parish priest are long gone.

Instead, you’re now more likely to find your match slobbering over a pint in Coppers while aggressively dancing to S Club 7. Are people more inclined now to meet a partner after a round of Jagerbombs?

That time when 6ft teddy bears take over newsagents across the country and the CEO’s at Hallmark gleefully rub their hands in delight as they dream about the estimated €540m that will be spent on Valentine’s Day cards this year.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is well and truly approaching with all its glory and trimmings intact.

Anything and everything cat related can be found here; from cute and funny videos, to “celebrity” guest appearances (such as Grumpy Cat), to costume contests, to art projects – one year there was even a sculpture made from butter.

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