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It seems you are trying to make the GUI busy wait until the user has entered a name. Instead check if the user have entered something, if not, alert the user and wait for the user to click the button again.

The validate Form method assigns the elements you want to validate and then in this case calls the is Not Empty method to validate if the field is empty or has not been changed from the default value.

Otherwise, this property holds the text visible to the user, while the text property holds the actual entered text.

Input constraints can be placed on a Text Field item (for example, through a validator or input Mask).

Setting echo Mode to an appropriate value enables Text Field to be used for a password input field.

While the form details the type of information the applicant must provide, you use data validation where you can to help improve the accuracy of their information.

Getting their Social Security Number is critical to processing their application, so you use the SSN data validation to reduce errors and speed up the process. When you use data validation, your signer is prompted to provide correctly formatted data.

If you select Custom for your validation type, you provide a regular expression (regex) to formulate a pattern or literal string, which the recipient must match in order to complete the Text field.

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