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Afterwards why not mender past ancient yew trees and celebrate on our croquet lawn which is perfect for reception drinks and canapés with the option to have a game of croquet.

Inside Ceremony – Wilde Art Gallery If the weather turns a shade of grey, gather together in the Wilde Art Gallery to exchange your vows.

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Weekly musical, participatory services followed by a kiddush lunch.

At Our Lady Help of Christians Parish: 573 Washington St., Newton, 617-527-7560.

There is a debate about when the Buddha was born — historians have theorized anywhere between 623 BC and 340 B. — and until now, the earliest archaeological evidence of Buddhist temples dates to the reign of Indian Emperor Ashoka (reigned 269 B. One of them was a brick cross-wall temple at Lumbini, in fact, under whose remains the archaeological team dug to find the earlier shrine.

It was an engraved pillar erected by Ashoka that identified Lumbini after it was lost to the jungle for centuries. Alois Anton Fuhrer (who was later revealed to have been a prolific forger of Buddhist relics) found a 22-foot pillar inscribed “Twenty years after his coronation, Beloved-of-the-Gods, King Piyadasi [aka Ashoka], visited this place and worshiped because here the Buddha, the sage of the Sakyans, was born.

In 2016, two years after Russia annexed Crimea, the festival was banned by the local authorities.

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