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Last week the project, called “Our Net,” was awarded a ,000 grant from a Mac Arthur Foundation digital learning initiative.

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Today in Thailand many Thai women choose to travel the world seeking education, career prospects and broader personal relationships.

The internet has also coincided with the transformation of Thailand from a rural economy into a growing economic force.

That’s not just a way to simplify the lesson: It’s a deliberate choice to help students think about alternatives to corporate Internet providers and platforms built around advertising and tracking.“This is an opportunity for the students to see what kind of middlemen they don’t need to connect–the idea that you can socialize with people without going on Facebook, or the idea that you can actually have a network that’s not through an ISP,” says Mc Neil.

The Our Net networks are part of a growing movement that aims to consider and build alternative digital networks.

For years, independent mesh networks have been used in places like Berlin, Athens, and Barcelona to help expand Internet access across neighborhoods that lack it, but they have also gained attention for their usefulness in more extreme circumstances.

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