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With this being said, today we will be talking about the handsome former host of the ‘Daily Show’ Craig Kilborn.

Craig Kilborn is undoubtedly one of our favorite hosts of all time but thinks more closely about what we know about him.

Looking at the looks of both, they sure have been a heart-throbbing couple.

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Inicia su carrera actoral, participando en el filme Bandidos de 1990, ese mismo año actuó en la telenovela El abuelo y yo, al lado de un novel actor Gael García Bernal, igualmente, actuó en su sucesora, Ángeles sin paraíso junto a Anahí.

En 2002, Pedro Damián lo convoca para interpretar al maestro Francisco Romero en la telenovela Clase 406 donde es el protagonista de la primera temporada.

officially premieres tonight and one of the women viewers will be meeting is Mayte Garcia, the former wife of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

Mayte and Prince’s story is a fascinating one that began after Mayte’s love of dance led to her becoming the youngest professional belly dancer in the world, or at least that is how she was billed when she appeared on the show before she had even turned ten.

He also said that though he and Angel Reed, his former girlfriend and baby mother were not a couple anymore, “we’re best friends, and all our focus is on our baby.” He seemed really happy for a time with his daughter as he does in the Instagram photo below.

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