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A few of our listeners who have specific types of radios may experience minor technical issues once these channel additions and adjustments are completed.

Most of these issues can be easily solved by giving your radio a few extra minutes to finish updating the first time you power it up on or after August 17.

Next day, I start my truck, and I can't hear any audio but I do see all my channels and tags (station name, artist name, etc...) then the sound just starts with no warning and plays for 5 minutes before quitting again and giving me the "unsubscribed" message and dropping all my channels leaving me with the preview channel. Those guys are US based and higher up than a typical customer support rep. I'm sure their Facebook support will sort things out.

So I called the phone # on the screen, got the refresh, the screen said, "subscription updated, press any key to continue." Soon I was listening to music again. I told them I didn't think it was possible for my radio to unsubscribe from their service of it's own free will. Just leave your question on their wall and they'll likely get back to you within a few hours (during normal business hours). Good luck and let us know if there is some amazing revelation.

within the Dodge Dart General Discussion forums, part of the Dodge Dart Forum - Dodge Dart Discussion category; Hello- My Dart has been working great since I got it about a month ago.

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