Taylor swift and jesse mccartney dating

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Rogan is the romantic/friendship pairing of Rocky Blue and Logan Hunter (R/ocky L/ogan). I want my first night time date to be something unforgettable. Rocky: Wow, it's going to be pretty hard to forget that. Logan: Because I went to the store right before closing, and this is all they had left.

Rocky and Logan show a friendly connection when they met in the episode Oh Brother It Up, and Logan seems to prefer Rocky than Ce Ce, and although Rocky and Logan have had a brief relationship due to Logan not appearing in many episodes, this is one of the most popular and supported pairings on the show. Rocky: Don't even refer to it as that, Ce Ce can not find out that it happened. Featured Moment: Rocky and Logan trying to discuss the kiss.

Procedural dramas often last 10 seasons, so they're bound to nab some VIPs for special episodes.

Whether it's a musician playing himself, an actor/musician, or just a musician who felt like guest-starring on a killer (heh) show because why the heck not, check out 33 musicians who've graced various crime shows.

Following a global love tour, the pair were last seen on a date night in Santa Monica at the end of July, before Taylor headed back to New York and the handsome Brit returned to Australia to join his Marvel co-stars to work on Thor: Ragnarok. Taylor Swift not only has her beau Tom to fit in, but she flies from country to country performing on a regular basis, not to mention all the events she attends.

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