Ryo nishikido and erika sawajiri dating

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not my favourite celebrity girl that i hope to be end up with him.. the chemistry in Zenkai Girl was good.a bit disappointed, friday.. _ with Gakky, at least we don't have to worry about him getting used/abused like some model chick apparently did.nonetheless, based on her Hn A appearance (compared to those of others), she's gotta be the best among her generation that he can get, IMO.

They do look cute together~But..is it that when a male celeb visits a female celeb's house (vice versa), they have to be dating.

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Actress Aragaki Yui (24) and Nishikido Ryo (28) was photographed by the paparazzi to be seeing each other with shots of them visiting each other's homes.

Disclosed by magazine 《Friday》 which is to be published on March 22, in early February Aragaki was seen dropping by Nishikido's house while wearing a mask, whereas Nishikido has also been photographed more than once while heading towards her house.

Would they say the same if it was male to male/female to female?

Can't they just be hanging out playing video games?

Which is how Wakaba talks, like everyone possess her extensive vocabulary and legal knowledge and she hasn’t the time to explain. Because it’s highly selective and guaranteed lucrative. Shota wonders why she bothers, since she’s only going to nanny for 3 months.

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