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by  |  30-Aug-2019 03:21

Although direct response marketing is not a new means of marketing, it’s one that must quickly adapt to be the most cost-efficient and produce the best possible ROI.

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But research shows that we are more satisfied, and make more and better decisions, when we are given options of somewhat less relevant choices.

Other studies have shown people become overwhelmed and desensitized to many possibilities, pushing off the actual choice into the future (i.e. The brain has evolved to be highly critical in processing information, and when presented with options that are similar, we will work to find a fault even if all the choices available are individually desirable.

Online dating businesses have seen a consistent upswing, partially due to easy-to-use apps and websites designed to deliver immediate results for its targeted audience segments.

With an increase in consumer demand comes an increase in competition, which means brands need to understand how to set themselves apart from the pack.

Spreading out the options lets people feel freedom to make decisions without making a “bad” one.

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