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Know their interests and hobbies can let some topics come up naturally in conversation. That does not mean wear a dress that looks like a second skin. Check the place you will go and the whether for that day, to decide how to dress yourself appropriately. Be on time Nothing shoots you down faster than being late for the first date, even just one minute or two. Spend few more minutes to check the surrounding of meeting place.

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Initially it was not a very convenient process to start as breaking the ice or initialising the conversation was an embarrassing thing to do.

But now there are n numbers of over 40 dating sites providing virtual platform to such people for initiating the dating process.

"It's tempting to wear something dark and 'safe', but research shows men's impressions are easily affected by the colours we wear," explains Kate. "It might sound obvious, but avoid mentioning your ex on a first date.

If it was rubbish, then focus on something you a next time, obviously." 7. "58% of men will pay more on a date when they really fancy their partner, so take it as a compliment if he offers to get the bill! Think about what you'd like to talk about (and the things you'd rather not) and what you might say about them, ahead of your date.

You need to make that first impression count on social media, so it leads to the type of relationship you want.

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