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I had an idea what I wanted and I actually envisioned what I ended up with,” she said of her Sareh Nouri-designed gown.The dress was later revealed on an episode of , with stylist Renee Strauss making an appearance."Ryan [Seacrest] handed me a mic and I had tunnel vision," he recalled. My biggest fear was that the ring would fall out of the case and roll into the audience.

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From the age of nine, young began writing songs, singing, and taking voice lessons as he had keen interest on them.

He is the graduate of the year 1999 from Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado.

During his school days, he used to participate in International Baccalaureate classes, choir and athletics.

With a dream to be one of the successful singers of America, Young started to work hard since his early days.

Actress and American Idol runner-up Diana De Garmo made her Broadway debut in a four-month run in Hairspray as nerdy character Penny Pingleton in February 2006.

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