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It's the sort of scene audiences have watched and loved dozens of times in underdog movies: She faces down QVC's Neil Walker (Bradley Cooper), who tells her that she can't sell the mop herself, that they don't have "regular people" do the selling. "Sorry, these lights — so bright," she finally says. Then a "friendly call" comes in from Joanne in New York.As soon as the caller begins talking, Joy's face registers recognition and comfort: It's her best friend, Jackie (Dascha Polanco), verbally cueing Joy to sell the mop to her, someone she knows and loves."When I mop broken glass, and I wring the mop, I cut my hands," Jackie says, as we see that she's calling from Joy's living room.

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Suddenly, Joy comes back to herself and is at ease. "This woman's gonna be a whole new business," Neil says to himself as the segment ends.

She starts to wag her finger with charming authority, smiles, and says through her nose in a Long Island–infused twang, "Joanne, that is so funny that you said that, that is actually how I was inspired to invent this mop." The film score kicks in, signifying that we can relax. But even he is shocked when the sales counter speeds past 47,000 mops sold. It’s a nerve-racking, exciting, moving, well-paced, dynamically acted scene, and it's showing us a world we've never seen before. And it was originally meant to be about a specific woman: Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop, a divorced mother of three who went from near financial ruin to home-shopping stardom.

If we can lean into either the pain or the enchantment, I’m going to lean into the enchantment.’ Everyone’s talking about the incredible hair, make-up and costumes...‘And guess what? Then I want people’s jaws hanging open, going: “Look at these people!

Ironically, the film didn’t get a nomination for hair and make-up! ” Whether they’re beautiful or ugly, just: “Oh my god, look a them!

Congratulations on your film’s ten Oscar nominations. ‘Well, I’m ecstatic and very happy for my actors and all my people. The actors took gigantic risks in this movie and to have them acknowledged in an extremely competitive year is not a small matter.’It’s the second year in a row that four actors from your film have been nominated in all four Oscars acting categories. ‘We build the characters, and I write the characters for them. I’d also say that I put an enormous amount of love into the characters. I’d never say “The Fighter” was just a boxing movie or that “Silver Linings Playbook” was a romantic comedy – I’m making movies about people from the feet up.

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