Ramona singer dating rules

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"The surgery made me feel better." As for the second procedure? "After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles wouldn't go away!

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Well later that day, Ramona confirmed that she and the Bravolebrity's main man had been seeing each other at one point, telling E!

"The next baby I will be having is a shot of patron and that will be tonight celebrating opening night of ."Being away from the kids is so hard. In addition, Kendra revealed that her dad flew in all the way from Singapore to attend opening night.

As for her mom who is currently starring on "My mom, we're still working things out, but I think it will be game time when I realize if she came or not," Kendra told us.

News: "In December, Luann told me she met the man she was going to marry two weeks ago. I myself would never get engaged so quickly—but what do I know about marriage the second time around?

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