Eclipse validating xhtml slow

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The general programming model of JSF is based on a declarative definition of views using xhtml markup.

JSF components are placed within a view by using their appropriate tags.

Performance-tuning and -optimisation for (JSF-) web applications is a huge topic that can be very challenging.

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No, baby, you never finds them, finally you know what, our senior uses Struts and Servlets to help JSF! This violates important software engineering pillars like encapsulation, information-hiding, consistency and immutability.

Still not support other staff, does Myface and Tomahawk has tags for Amcharts or BIRT? and i see all these posts from poor users like 'how can i use jquery' or some other lib and they realise they now have to make a paradigm shift because the 'we provide the full stack you need' bullshit turned out not to be true. JSF mandates use of the bean-model with public get/set methods.

Last option is not to include them and let people like me manually annotate them using external annotation mechanisms such as Eclipse's. I also think that it is not priority one of Oracle to include these into JDK.

There is an Oracle document "Java 8's new Type Annotations" but the link of the (default?

I had the chance to talk about JSF performance tuning at JAX Con in Mainz, Germany.

Eclipse validating xhtml slow

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