Updating hpux patces

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You may have an historic VNC 5.x Personal or Enterprise key, but if not then you will need to purchase a new VNC Connect Enterprise subscription.A license key for VNC 5.x is made available from the Deployment page of your Real VNC account.[-o 10|11] [-e true|false] cleanup [-n|-p] -i cleanup [-n|-p] -s DESCRIPTION [Toc] [Back] The cleanup command provides functions useful when dealing with HP-UX patches on HP-UX.

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The cleanup -s command can be executed to insure that the 'patch_state' attribute of all patch filesets is set correctly.

There are several known situations where the 'patch_state' attribute will be set incorrectly.

You are informed if you are required to apply a new license key. VNC Server and VNC Viewer are included as separate installable packages.

You cannot upgrade from VNC Enterprise Edition 4.x. If you do not have administrative privileges, or want to specify non-default installation locations, download the generic installer instead, and If you are using CDE (other desktop environments may be affected), the VNC Server user interface (a status dialog and icon) may not be shown.

-d Remove patches in the specified software depot that have been superseded by patches also available from the depot. X patch information from the IPD in these situations.

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