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It plays with your head just enough to keep you uncertain. Instead, what I found was a kind of gem in the rough.

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Not a top budget film, no, but for what it is I loved it.

It was engaging, and interesting, and not like anything I've seen before.

Based off a true story, “37: A Final Promise” is about a musician who promised himself to commit suicide on his 37th birthday due to certain event in the past. Randall Batinkoff: Yes, it’s based on the conversation and his experiences that formed into a book. It made him the way he is and that he wanted to die. It was the love for his brother—his guilt was one driving force.

But, a woman entered his life and began to change on how he saw love, hope and loss. Of course, there’s a lot more material in the book. Then it turned into a love story when he meets her and falls in love with her. It was really challenging and overwhelming at times. There’s a lot of different types of music and a lot of different emotions. We tried to convey the emotional states through the music too.

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