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Crucially, this survey did not refer to mosquitoes but to straight men buzzing around dating sites, who showed a marked preference for Asian women. Approximately 20 percent of the population is innately more attractive to these insects, which prefer biting (literally) hot women who wear black clothing and/or have black hair.

But mosquitoes are interested in women like me for simple chemical reasons. For the time being, let’s put aside the fact that the mosquitoes doing the biting are all female, and focus on what happens when a mosquito-magnet gets bitten.

The film also reveals a good deal about white masculinity and racism.

[WARNING: *SPOILERS* follow] The plot of “Gran Torino” revolves around Walt Kowalski (played by Eastwood), a Korean war veteran, a retired autoworker, and an extremely misanthropic and apparently deeply racist man.

Kowalski is a loner and he likes it that way as he sits on his front porch, growling at people and drinking can after can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

Kowalski seems incapable of interacting with a non-white person without using the most offensive racial epithets, and his racism is played mostly for laughs throughout the first part of the film.

Hughes During a recent conversation about sports, athletics and sports organizations, a student asked me how organizations should go about recognizing institutional racism. For instance, folks tend to move to spaces where one might find great schools, great teachers and more without ever thinking about what “great” might mean. However, if one has had years of experience teaching in “good schools” and those schools tend not to be diverse, I would argue that an institutional racism problem may also reside in those “great schools.” In fact, since racism is a part of the very cultural fabric in which we live in the United States, it often goes unnoticed, ignored or denied.

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