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The Velocity teams joined up for Startup Drinks at 41st Street Pub & Aircraft Sales in Avondale.

Startup Drinks is one of our city’s most important long-running startup events, and the infusion of the 10 Velocity teams made for a high-energy evening.

On Monday January 19th, inside the Alumni Hall at Mc Master University a group of young people will gather.

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you have to first get to the people in the organization that will actually be using your product.

After speaking, Pat met with three of our teams individually, and has continued to offer mentoring to several of them throughout the week.

“Ah,” you might be thinking to yourself, “sounds almost like speed dating.” Close, but no cigar.

This is speed mentoring, a relatively new concept in facilitated networking, and half the participants here are job seekers looking for advice on how to break into their fields.

A signal is suddenly heard and then the other half move off to designated locations.

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