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The instrument evolved from Rhodes' attempt to manufacture pianos to teach recovering soldiers during World War II under a strict budget, and development continued throughout the 1940s and 1950s.Fender started marketing the Piano Bass, a cut-down version of the piano, but the full-size instrument did not appear until after the sale to CBS in 1965.

I'm recording an all acoustic project, but the only emulation we are doing is the rhodes and piano. However, the action on these earlier models was usually flakey, except for the rare instrument where all the atoms lined up correctly.

So I was thinking on getting the real instrument, do you think is right? Rolando ive heard the NI rhodes which sounded nice ... keeping those instruments in tune , etc takes some time . In general, I'd look for a suitcase (not stage) model that says Fender Rhodes rather than just Rhodes, and has flat keytops rather than the earlier curved tops. Tuning is no big deal, and you can do some simple tonal adjustments, but there's only a certain window of models that has that great singing tone.

It is a Mark I stage piano, which was produced from 1969-1975.

This piano is serial number 24761, and has a compass of 6ix octaves, Rhodes action, with hammers facing the keyboard, metal bars with resonator bars and coils to turn vibrations into electrical charges, rubber pads on plastic shank hammers, 2 hand stops: tone regulator and volume regulator, wood frame, an imitation leather-covered wood case, and a folding metal base.

The band immediately set to work on a follow-up, issuing the EP Extra Pleasant, recorded with two microphones direct to a cassette recorder.

Fender rhodes dating

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