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The day I meet Dustin Hoffman is his last in London, and he seems in no rush to get home.

He is quiet, courteous, dry-witted; tanned but not excessively suave.

One of the most sustaining actors of all time, he still averaged two films a year in his 70s, having starred in six in 2001 alone.

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The actor: Maura Tierney got her first exposure as an on-camera actor through small roles in various sitcoms, dramas, and TV movies, working with the likes of Norman Lear, Dick Van Dyke, and (briefly) David Bowie. I was on great shows, and I loved them, but I’ve never worked on cable, and it’s just such a different environment. AVC: Did it land in your lap, or were you actively looking for a series at the time? MT: Helen is the wife of Noah, played by Dominic West, and she’s kind of a wonderful wife, but in a way that’s almost—I think a tiny bit annoying. She’s a great mom—she has four kids—and she’s a successful businesswoman that has a fair-trade, eco-friendly store, and she sort of grew up wealthy, so she’s kind of in a great place. [Laughs.]AVC: The series is pretty intense, and more than a little bit nerve-wracking to watch. In other words, will things wrap up at the end of this season and focus on a new couple next season? My ex-husband [Billy Morrissette]—we were married at the time—wrote it and directed it.

But it was the role of Lisa Miller in News Radio that made her into a proper prime-time star and put her in a position to pull big-screen appearances alongside Richard Gere (Primal Fear), Jim Carrey (Liar Liar), and John Travolta (Primary Colors). MT: No, it was—well, I mean, I had a meeting with them. MT: Well, no, it’s the same couple, but—it’s a flashback.

“And God bless Gene; he listened to Clint and together they produced something awesome,” says Peoples.

Gene was a revelation.” Peoples understands near misses — he spent two decades trying to get “Unforgiven” made before Eastwood made it a reality.

That’s the only time I’ve gotten to play a role where I was that kind of character. When I was 5, I would pretend, and then in high school I did plays and stuff, and then I studied it in college.

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