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We wonder what Brooklyn makes of Chloe's racy new ink.

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Dating ink on paper dating and contact site in russia

Ink expiration dates are built-in, established dates, after which ink cartridges might no longer work properly.

If there is still ink left in the cartridge on that date, it will cause your printer to shut down.

Can a space-age technology help crack the secrets of barely legible writings from ancient Egypt?

Excavated from a long-buried city, a half-million papyri fragments now sit in a vault at Oxford University.

Well, what if the secret words aren't part of a kids' board game, but instead are on a crumbling, ancient manuscript? These are only a few of the faded fragments found buried near the outskirts of what was, at around the turn from B. Yet somehow, buried above the water tables and beneath the dry sands of Egypt, for all those centuries, almost half a million of these papyri fragments survived, these pieces of ancient paper made from papyrus. You shave the stalk into thin strips, lay them parallel to each other, lay strips running perpendicular to them; you pound it or press it, such that the cell walls break down.

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