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PS_EOAW_IDS where PS_EOAWCOUNTERNAME = ‘STAGE_ID’; PS_EOAW_PATH; PS_EOAW_PATH_LNG; PS_EOAW_PRCS; PS_EOAW_PRCS_LNG; PS_EOAW_STAGE; PS_EOAW_STEP; PS_EOAW_STEP_LNG; PS_EOAW_STG_LNG; PS_EOAW_TIMEOUT; PS_EOAW_TIMEOUTDEF; PS_EOAW_AUTH; PS_EOAW_AUTH_DTL; PS_EOAWCRTA; PS_EOAWCRTA_LNG; PS_EOAWCRTA_REC; PS_EOAWCRTA_RECLNG; PS_EOAWCRTA_VAL; XREF(Cross reference table) Because the user’s Cross Reference Tables need to be ed as well, this should not be done by AWE; Leaving them in for now in case we change this position.

PS_EOAW_STEPINST; PS_EOAW_USERINST; PS_EOAW_WL; ———————- XREF Record – Use Header keys to find the thread id,process id and definition id.

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